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2 Grandview™ Floor Care
Care comes easily when you use products specially formulated for your flooring. Just vacuum or dust mop your 2 Grandview™ prefinished floors on a regular basis, quickly wipe up spills when they occur, and then routinely clean your floor with our wood floor cleaner. To repair minor surface damage, use our touch up kits. 2 Grandview™ offers kits in 10 specially formulated colors designed to blend with any of our hardwood flooring finishes.

2 Grandview™ Flooring Adhesive
Intended for use with our engineered hardwood floors, 2 Grandview's polymer adhesive is a 4 in 1 formula. It can be used as a crack suppressant as well as an adhesive. The adhesive is also formulated as a sound control system that will lessen the sound that transfers from one floor to the next in multi-floor homes. When properly applied, the adhesive will work as a moisture barrier in certain applications.

MSDS Sheets are available upon request.
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